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Local markets, night markets, vide grenier, brocante

You will want to visit one or two local markets during your stay in the Dordogne.
An integral part of local life; they are an interesting showcase of local produce, local crafts, worn-out household goods, hardware, bedding, clothing and agricultural machinery.

The market is a good place to buy fresh local produce; most towns are at their best, most colourful and busiest on market days. The longest queue has the best produce on the day. Bio (biologique or organic) produce is very popular.

Most markets, especially the main tourist towns, are significantly larger and more hectic during the summer months.

Here are some of the market days for most of the Dordogne region towns.
I've put them in distance order (Km) from Couze.
Be aware that the Couze market on Sunday morning may be little more than a couple of produce vendors.
The Sunday market at Issegeac is a lively affair.

During the summer many towns also have night markets (marche nocturne) where you can eat, drink and listen to music in a communal atmosphere. Check with your local tourist office, your windscreen for local events whenever you park or anywhere that Bill Posters has been active. You will be overwhelmed with things to do within 20Km of Couze!

The vide grenier (empty your attic) is a community market where the locals sell/buy unwanted household tat.
The brocante is a commercial second hand or "flea market". Both sell anything from a button to a brass band.
Check a windscreen near you!

Local market days

Monday Km Tuesday Km Wednesday Km Thursday Km Friday Km Saturday Km Sunday Km
Sainte Alvère22 Beaumont9 Cadouin17 Lalinde4 Faux8 Lalinde4 Couze (a.m.)-
Prigonrieux27 Trémolat16 Bergerac20 Mouleydier10 Bergerac20 Beaumont9 Pontours7
Villamblard36 Bergerac (organic)20 Belvès (Local produce, Summer 1600)30 Monpazier24 Le Buisson-de-Cadouin21 Bergerac20 Creysse13
Les Eyzies (seasonal)39 Prigonrieux27 Siorac en Périgord28 La Force29 Vergt32 Le Bugue29 Pressignac Vicq13
Le Fleix40 Le Bugue29 Gardonne32 Meyrals40 Sigoulès34 Belvès30 Issigeac17
Beynac-et-Cazenac44 Neuvic50 Biron33 Eymet43 La Roque Gageac49 Mussidan45 Bergerac20
Tocane St Apre70 Cénac et Saint Julien53 Razac sur l'Isle52 Domme54 Trélissac64 Villefranche du Perigord45 Limeuil22
   Coulounieix Chamiers56 Velines52 St Astier54 Ribérac70 Neuvic50 Prigonrieux27
   Villefranche de Lonchat58 Sarlat56 St Julien de Lampon70 Cubjac78 Razac sur l'Isle52 Gardonne32
   Thenon63 Montpon Ménesterol57 Excideuil92 Brantôme (all day)85 St Léon sur l'Isle53 St Cyprien36
   Salignac-Eyvigues71 Périgueux58 Terrasson104 Le Lardin St Lazare98 Coulounieix Chamiers56 Eymet (July, Aug)43
   Ribérac72 Montignac63 St Pardoux la Riviére104 St Saud Lacoussière121 Sarlat56 Rouffignac48
   Savignac les Eglises78 Agonac73 La Coquille110    Périgueux58 St Front de Pradoux48
   Lisle79 Hautefort85       Montignac63 Daglan51
   Brantôme (Jul Aug)85 La Tour Blanche93       Tocane St Apre70 Marquay51
   Thiviers (organic)94 Jumilhac le Grand113       Agonac73 St Astier54
   Lanouaille, 2/4 day of month104 Piégut Pluviers119       Mensignac75 Léguillac de l'Auche60
   Mareuil105          St Aulaye75 St Geniès62
               La Roche Chalais80 Champcevinel62
               Verteillac84 Bassillac65
               Thiviers94 Sorges80
               Nontron106 La Roche-Chalais80
                  St Jean de Côle102
                  St Pardoux la Rivière104
                  Jumilhac le Grand113


Night markets (marche nocturne)

Some of these dates are from 2003. Usually a summertime activity, say June to August

Check your windscreen after parking at a local market. Events advertised by Bill Posters!

Monday Tuesday Wed Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Cadouin (Late June - Sept) Eymet (Late June - Sep ) Belves (Summertime) Paunat (Fortnightly July - August) Le Buisson-de-Cadouin (July - August) Creysse (July - August) Monbazillac (July -August)
Couze (Fortnightly, Late June - Sept) Ste-Alvère (Mid July , Mid August) Capdrot (June -Sept) Port de Couze (near SNCF, Mid July) St Avit-Sénieur (July - August) Villambard (Fortnightly July - August)  
    Bergerac Gourmet (Marché couvert, July - August, 18:30) Issigeac (July - August) St Georges-de-Montclard (July - August)